Monday, July 7, 2014

Mommy Moments #102

So excited to be guest hosting this weeks Mommy Moments Link up! Link up and find some other amazing blogs to enjoy!!
Welcome to Mommy Moments! Last week we had some great new link ups! Let's keep it up by sharing and promoting Mommy Moments and the wonderful community we have here! I have enjoyed getting to know all the new mamas linking up and sharing their lives with us! I can't wait to hear more from you all again this week!

Motherhood has its seriousness and frustration as well as its laughs. That's why we are here. Life is much easier when traveled with companions! So mamas, let's join together in the spirit of motherhood and share our moments together. We want to hear the happy, sad, tough, terrible, hilarious moments that make being a mother the best job in the world!

 The top viewed link this week belongs to Saved By Grace and her post The Most Important Thing. Wow, what a powerful reminder of what is truly important in our short lives. Thank you Laurie, for sharing!

How often are we distracted by piles of junk accumulating in our life, while neglecting the riches found without fail in our Bible? Why do we worry about our “stuff” instead of storing treasures in Heaven, where we can enjoy them forever? (Luke 12:16-34; Matthew 6:19-21)


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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eli's Top 10 Favorite Books

Eli’s bedtime routine goes like this: Bath time (full on in the big boy bath! He has transitioned into the big bath and he looks like such a big boy! So proud of him!), little massage on the changing table, reading time with daddy, nursing with mommy (although we are in the process of weaning), cuddles with mommy and daddy, cuddles with Lonnie the Lion, bam BEDTIME! 

So, I realize now I need to take more pictures of them reading together. This is all I got!

My husband cherishes the reading time between him and Eli and I cherish that time to lay down for ten minutes and regain my strength so I can work on my mile long todo list once Eli goes to sleep. But I also cherish hearing my husband read to Eli and I love seeing how much Eli enjoys it. Now that Eli is getting older he is paying so much more attention and loves to turn the pages, point out different things in the book, and gets really excited during certain parts of the books that he knows are coming. 

I thought it would be fun to share our favorite books right now with Eli. It would be fun to make a book basket for a friend who is expecting or for a mama friend of yours with some of these books! I can’t wait to do a book basket for an expecting friend soon. 

1. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site:
this one is a BIG favorite. The illustrations are really fun and it’s just so adorable. 

You can find the book HERE

2. Little Blue Truck:
considering my son’s obsession with all things truck this one is a big favorite in our house.

You can find the book HERE.

3. Sleep Tight, Sleepy Bears:
Okay, so this is a momma favorite! :)

You can find the book HERE

4. Go, Dog. Go!:
this one is a classic, but a must have! 

You can find the book HERE.

5. What up, Duck?: A Book of Opposites: 
This is such a cute and important story! It will be really handy to introduce the concept of opposites when Eli is older, but for now just the illustrations are enough to keep him engaged and interested!

You can find the book HERE

6. How Do Dinosaurs Eat Cookies?:
seriously, that is a great question! This book has some scratch n’ sniff pictures and some really fun cookie recipes! Eli does not understand the scratch and sniff right now (nor does he understand the greatness of a GREAT cookie recipe!), but he loves when we read this book to him!

You can find the book HERE.

7. That’s Not My Tractor:
This book has a lot of different textures for babies to feel and so many fun and bright illustrations! It is really good at keeping Eli’s attention! There are several other books similar to this one from this author in a whole series. I highly recommend these as a gift for a new mama. They are always very popular!

You can find the book HERE.

8. One Gorilla: A Counting Book - Love love the illustrations in this book! Also, I really love the educational aspect in this book and how it teaches counting and numbers. 

You can find the book HERE.

9. Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You: Dr. Seuss’s Book of Wonderful Noises:
 I have to be honest, I am over this book! But the boys love it! They read this one EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and every single night I hear my husband loudly say, “BOOM BOOM BOOM!!” Eli loves it and he loves to say “boom boom boom” now too and yes, it is adorable, but I am just over this book! I will allow it to stay since my boys love it so much. You just won’t find me reading it too much!

You can find the book HERE.

10. Corduroy - this would NOT be a baby book list without Corduroy. Does it even need an explanation? Nope. It’s that awesome and if you have not read it then I am not convinced you live on this planet and it is a must have for your library collection at home!

You can find the book HERE.

There ya have it - our Top 10 Books for Eli at the moment! Reading is so very important to us and we want to always be stimulating Eli’s mind with new and fun books and for him to have a huge, creative imagination!

What is on your reading list right now? 

with love,

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

$100 Paypal Cash Giveaway!

Happy 100th Mommy Moments Link Up & GIVEAWAY!

In addition to winning the $10 Starbucks card and $100 Paypal cash, the winner also gets their pick of a Pearberry Pie headband pictured below!

Looking back over the best couple of years, I had no idea how this link up would change my life. I was just a clueless pregnant woman excited about becoming a mama! Turns out, this link up is where I have met some of my best friends and been so encouraged each week as a mama! 
Because each of you are what make this link up possible every week, we want to celebrate YOU with a giveaway! Enter to win below and then link up your post for the week!
Thanks to all these wonderful ladies pictured below for their contribution to this fun giveaway!

 This Marine Wife//A Cowboy's Life// Madly Wish//Foxy Domestic Side//The Life Of Faith// The Not Quite Military Wife//Beautiful Family Affairs//Just A Touch Of Crazy//The Everyday Momma//This Little Light Of Mine//The Peanut's Gang//Eat, Pray, Read, Love//Sounds Of My Pitter-Patter//Crazily Normal

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Motherhood has its seriousness and frustration as well as its laughs. That's why we are here. Life is much easier when traveled with companions! So mamas, let's join together in the spirit of motherhood and share our moments together. We want to hear the happy, sad, tough, terrible, hilarious moments that make being a mother the best job in the world!

 The top viewed link this week belongs to Sweet Country Roots and her post Back To An Old Fashioned Way Of Thinking! I loved this post and the heart behind it. Even though we can't really go back in time, it's so important to instill some of the values from the past even in our current culture. Thanks for the great post Brittany!